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inkIsAVerb™ is a website VPS hosting engine currently in beta. The service "controls" a cloud virtual server for clients, using open source software. Any client can duplicate almost everything exactly elsewhere. As a client, you can own your own email server, website host, media server, cloud-based podcast retriever, online shopping, cloud sync and storage, calendars, contacts, in-browser document editing, files, and more. All of it is on a single server that we manage and keep up to date for you.

You will get a subdomain, with a few others, and you can even add any domain you own to the hosting.

inkIsAVerb™ uses Ubuntu for the servers, which means security and duplicatability. The best thing about inkIsAVerb™ is that we know our customers can leave us anytime. So, we keep doing our best.

To try to get into the beta program early, contact Jesse at

inkIsAVerb™ offers some training videos in Mandarin and English at and we have our own Ubuntu project, Vubuntu.

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