The nib

The nib is a symbol of invention and craft: from mind to matter.

Take action.

Draw your dream.

Reject the lie that everything is "only for professionals".

Don't think you can't, because you can.

Learn, teach yourself, go back to school, and show the world what impossibility isn't.

Ink is a verb.


Get to Vrk™ with Linux on your PC at

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inkIsAVerb™ maintains many projects, but focuses on Verber™: a website VPS hosting engine currently in beta. The service "controls" a cloud virtual server for clients, using open source software. Any client can duplicate almost everything exactly elsewhere. As a client, you can own your own email server, website host, media server, cloud-based podcast retriever, online shopping, cloud sync and storage, calendars, contacts, in-browser document editing, files, and more. All of it is on a single server easily managed through either of the two-layer Linux terminal or web GUI.

Verber can be installed to any domain. To support the project, purchase a subdomain, with a few others, including,,,,,,,, and Each of these empowers multiple web apps on multiple VPS servers, sporting a handsome domain to show your support for open source software and federated ownership of the Internet.

inkIsAVerb™ uses Ubuntu for the servers, which means security and duplicatability. The best thing about inkIsAVerb™ is that we know our customers can leave us anytime. So, we keep doing our best.

To try to get into the beta program early, contact Jesse at

inkIsAVerb™ offers some training videos in Mandarin and English at and we have our own Ubuntu project, Vubuntu.

Learn about Vubuntu

Ink is a verb. Ink.